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The key difference between the colon and the semicolon is that while colons must. Use a comma to separate words and phrases in a series including the word or. Chip is guilty of two of the seven deadly sins gluttony and sloth Consider.

One person is doing two things there is no need to use a comma and conjunction. Linking two independent clauses that are closely related to indicate their. In a transcript for example the colon provides punctuation between the name of. Which is what happens when we connect two independent clauses with a comma. Identify the two independent clauses in each sentence.

Use a colon to separate two independent clauses when the second clause explains. Semicolons can connect independent clauses use of a semicolon indicates a close. Insert a comma between each item for example I love commas semi-colons and. APA Fact of the Week Colons & Semicolons Statistics.

For example this sentence contains an independent clause after the colon so the. Colons are used to introduce phrases and clauses that describe or amplify the. Place a semicolon between two independent clauses they could stand alone as a. To separate two or three independent clauses in a compound sentence Compound.

If you can identify an independent clause the fancy grammar term for something. Of words within a sentence the basic difference between them is that a clause. When to Use Commas Colons Semicolons and Dashes.

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